One More Day on the Soccer Pitch

Heather had another day on the Soccer field today. The CoupeDanoneCup trials were held here. She along with a group of 10–12 yr-olds picked up some more skills, received another t-shirt and ate some yogurt.

She had a good time and came home tired. That is the only way to have kids in the evening so they go to sleep early.

 Meanwhile back at the house…

My pup was being his own incredible self this evening. He promptly crashed on the futon in the place where I was going to lay down and watch the movie coming on. He did not seem to mind as even though I started to lay down he did not get down but only shifted a little to allow me to lay down. The funny part is that he flipped his paw over my shoulder and promptly went back to sleep as if nothing was wrong.

Boy is he a bed hog.

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