Updating again

The summer is over and again I find myself comfortably sitting in front of the computer. Much has happened since I last posted on Blogger so I will try to sum up some of the important things that have happened.

Well Buddy had his family reunion this August over at Acaciagold Kennels. A great time was had by all. Especially Buddy. Like, come on, how can he not have a good time. Playing with all his relatives in the water, taking a ferry boat ride and walking down to the Kennel. Not to mention all the food that was there for him to glomb on to. We have been back a couple of times too. Pat and Tom have another litter of pups and Heather and I went to visit them. We even snapped a few picture of them. You can see them by clicking on the following link at Flickr Evies Pups.