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Playing with Architecture

I decided to pull a few photos of buildings that I have in the collection and play with some editing just to see how they would turn out. As you can see I think that they turned out pretty well. The first shot was of the Prince of Wales hotel in Niagara-on-the -Lake, Ontario. I managed to capture it without any modern vehicles in the way and only a horse drawn carriage out front. This gave it a look of what it would have seemed like back in the 1800’s when the building was built.

Prince of Wales Hotel

The second shot was from the spring last year when the tulips were in bloom in front of Kingston City Hall. I decided that I liked this in Black and White because it gave the shot a dreamy quality. What do you think?

Tulips Kingston in Spring

Jamaica – My Brothers Wedding and More.

This past January we spent some time down in Montego Bay Jamaica to attend my brothers wedding. Along with the nuptials we had the opportunity to see some of the wonderful attractions around the country. Ranging from Montego Bay to the other side of the island to the Black River Safari, the YS Falls as well as the Appleton Distillery. Now that was a visit. Just a sample of what we were able to taste while there.

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Looking forward to the Road

Well after a number of years I finally broke down and bought a 2010 Honda VT1300CT Interstate motorcycle. It was very fortuitous that our old van finally gave up the ghost and when we were quoted a cost of $1700 for the third transmission for the 1994 beast Karin and I decided to that it was time for another vehicle and when the prices for gas started to rise again the decision to get the bike proved to be the better choice.


So what does this mean? Well it means that I will be getting to do some traveling this summer. Looking forward to the open road. The best part is that I also picked up an extra helmet for a passenger. Who will be the first passenger… well it is a toss up between one of my daughters or the wife. I think that if the daughter has her way it will be her. Either way I am looking forward to doing a little riding this summer.