What gives?

Last night Karin and I went to see a movie at the theatres. The show as expected to start at 9:30 p.m. and while we were waiting to see the movie that we paid $11.00 each to see, not to mention the over priced snacks, we were forced to endure what seemed to be an unending stream of commercials.

I thought that you went to the movies so you did not have to watch commercials. The thing is, is that these commercials are the same ones that you see on TV on a daily basis. Except that they are all played over and over again.

After watching the Chef Boyardee Ravioli commercial of the tin-man with the label stuck to his back three times I was about to exit the theatre, demand my money back and tell them to get stuffed. I feel that for the price I am paying to see the movie I should only have to suffer through the coming attractions. That at least I can understand as it relates to the theatres business. Ravioli and cars don’t belong in the theatres.

Once past all the nausea, we did at least enjoy the movie. EragonWe went to see Eragon, the Dragon Rider. I found the plot somewhat thin. Not saying that the book was not more thorough but it was a little difficult to follow at the start. I got the feeling that they expected the audience to know a little about the story before going in. Aside from that I did enjoy the movie and would recommend it to anyone else. I give it  out of 4.