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Light Painting

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with light painting. I managed to capture some great images with some very beautiful and talented models. The first couple of times we were just about eaten alive by the mosquitoes but on the third attempt it worked out much better.

A Little COSPLAY shooting

My latest shoot was a COSPLAY themed shoot with two beautiful characters from the Sci-Fi genre. The first was with Emily as Rae from Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker.

The Rise of Skywalker
The Rise of Skywalker

Our other model was dresses as Leeloo from the 5th Element. Sophie played the character superbly. Here are a couple of shots of her as the sexy Leeloo Dallas.

Christmas Shoots

I have been up to a number of Christmas themed shoots in the last couple of weeks, having the opportunity to shoot with some very talented ladies attired in festive costumes. This post deals with one of these shoots. Here I capture the Festive looks of Cristiana, Hannah, Ana Belle and Alaska.


ProFusion Show


I recently attended the Vistek Profusion show in Toronto and picked up some new equipment. A couple of Litra LED lights which will allow me to take some lighting on the road and light things up more easily. It was also an opportunity to meet some beautiful ladies. two in particular Emily in her bright red dress and Melanie sitting quite comfortably in a nice high back leather chair.


A Beautiful Day at the Beach

I had the pleasure of taking part in a Meetup at Britannia Beach this last weekend. It was a convocation of both models and photographers all coming together in the beautiful weather to take part in a terrific event. There were over 60 people in attendance at the Meetup with 40+ Photographers and 20+ models. It was a relative round robin of shooting the models in all sorts of poses and outfits in different locations at the beach.

Shooting with Lexxy1986

This past week I had an opportunity to shoot with a very beautiful lady. With her being new to the modelling world she was learning all the tricks of the trade in order to have photographers capture that perfect shot. I have posted a couple of unedited shots here but will soon have the opportunity to clean them up a little. As you can see she is a stunning young woman who will no doubt go far.



A Shoot with Amanda

For one of my latest projects I had the opportunity to shoot with a beautiful young woman. Amanda is just starting out in modelling and wanted to get some shots to add to her portfolio. I and a couple of other photographers snapped some great shots of this young lady in a couple of different outfits.

From what I see here she is a natural.

Body Painting with Bill and Rebecca Ann

I participated in a Bodypainting shoot with the lovely Rebecca Ann. She was painted in the style of a Celtic Warrior by the incomparable Bill Milward. The results as you can see were spectacular. One of the neat things is that one of the rooms we shot in was painted blue lending itself to being able to use it for Chromakey(Green Screen) photography allowing me to edit some the pictures and put them in Celtic like scenes. The overall product turned out amazing.

Shooting in the Cold

Recently I had a terrific shoot with an exceptional lady and her horse. Emily and I shot at her stables and even though we were shooting indoors inside the stable it was incredibly cold. Although we were indoors, the stable itself was not heated and the outdoor temperature was -16. It was pretty close to that inside. We managed to capture some awesome shots of her with her horse.

Even though she had not done much modelling in the past it is obvious to see that she is a natural beauty in front of the camera. The interaction of her with her horse was truly a pleasure to see. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her and would definitely relish the chance to do so again. Hopefully it will be in a much warmer atmosphere.