Photography and shots

Time for me to update again. Well I have finally started to learn the intricacies and features of my camera. I am currently registered in a photography course and have started to take some pictures as part of the assignments. From time to time I will post a few of the ones that I like, well maybe even some that I don’t just to give some variety to the publishing.

Each of the photos is to outline the various aspects. The one of the Canon pictured here is to show the depth of field using the aperture settings on the camera. As part of the assignment, I will also need to take ones illustrating the various aspects of the shutter feature. Unfortunately I have not had the time to do this yet but it will be coming shortly.

The Start of a New year

Well I have added more material to my Deviant Art page. I continue to experiment with Xara Xtreme to see what type of pictures I can create. So far I have created a number of pictures of Animals, people and things like cars. You can see some of them at the site. I have also included a number of thumbnails in this blog.

From the thumbnails you can see that there are a number of diverse pictures that are capable and the program allows you to add even more editing abilities. For these simple vector drawings I have not enabled any of the advanced program features of the application. Who knows perhaps in time I will explore even more of the capabilities.