818 Blonde Jokes and Counting…

I have been compiling a list of Blonde Jokes for Some time now and have recently updated the listing. It now contains over 818 Blonde Jokes and I am continuing to collect them where ever I can get them.Blonde Jokes

If you have a joke that you would like to add to the list just drop me a line. You can find all the details at the Website.

818 Blonde Jokes and Counting…

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One More Day on the Soccer Pitch

Heather had another day on the Soccer field today. The CoupeDanoneCup trials were held here. She along with a group of 10–12 yr-olds picked up some more skills, received another t-shirt and ate some yogurt.

She had a good time and came home tired. That is the only way to have kids in the evening so they go to sleep early.

 Meanwhile back at the house…

My pup was being his own incredible self this evening. He promptly crashed on the futon in the place where I was going to lay down and watch the movie coming on. He did not seem to mind as even though I started to lay down he did not get down but only shifted a little to allow me to lay down. The funny part is that he flipped his paw over my shoulder and promptly went back to sleep as if nothing was wrong.

Boy is he a bed hog.

The Intrepid Hunters…well Fishermen then!

Heather and I just returned from a foray into the woods and a little stream thereby where we decided to drop a line or two into the water. Lo! and Behold! we no sooner dropped in the bait when as I was dropping in my line the first time Heather announced that she had a fish on the line. Well she realed it in and we took stalk of the small perch (about 6”-15cm) and I quickly removed the hook and returned the little creature to the river. Yellow Perch

Although we spent a grand total of 1/2 hour there and went through a whopping 1 worm we did manage to snag 9 fish. Amazing how the worm stays on the hook even though the fish really wants to enjoy a meal.

Just as we were about to call it quits for the night, Heather hooked the biggest one of the night. She was a little surprised that the fish was fighting back so much until she brought it to the surface and noticed that it was twice as big as any of the other fish that she caught tonight.


She was giggling and excited as all little girls get when something excites them. She distictly said “Whoa! It’s a big one isn’t it?”  Wehn all was said and done she pulled in about a 3/4 lb Sunfish, about as large as they get. The most interesting thing is that she actually got the feel of what it was like to hook a fish that would fight back a little after all the little perch and sunfish that she had been used to catching.

It’s Been one of those days!

Well there has been another day when nothing seems to go right. At least with this $#$!%& computer. I am trying to read my bloody email and all I get is hanging machine. Sometimes I don’t think it is my computer but something that my provider put in place that is slowing down my connection to mail. It seems that the access to the Web is fine as I can browse to my hearts content but the access using any mail package whether it is Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird all come up with the same problem they cannot seem to bring down my mail in any kind of reasonable speed.


Blondie & Dagwood 75 years young

Blondie and Dagwood have been going strong for 75 years and looks like it will continue for some time in the future. I find it interesting that all kinds of other comics have come by to wish them a happy anniversary. I have been following it for some time over the last couple of weeks and every day there is a new guest strip. Now they all meet for their anniversary party and a whole cast of characters flood in with well wishes. Too bad we can’t all be that way.

Blondie has sure held up well over the years. She has been a babe in the strip for the whole time and she just keeps getting better and better looking.

Below is an excerpt from the Blondie and Dagwood site.



75years The Blondie comic strip was created by my father, Chic Young, in the year 1930. Blondie began her cartoon life in the same flighty, pretty-girl flapper image of my dad’s earlier strips (some of which, in his own words, were better not remembered!).
For historical purposes, they were: “The Affairs of Jane,” “Beautiful Bab,” and “Dumb Dora” (appropriately subtitled, “She’s Not So Dumb As She Looks”).
Anyway, Blondie Boopadoop was this gorgeous flapper who had a ton of boyfriends…one of whom was Dagwood Bumstead. Dagwood, in those days, was the bumbling, playboy son of billionaire railroad tycoon, J. Bolling Bumstead. In his town, J. Bolling not only owned all of the property on his side of the track, but also all the property on the other side of the track….plus 3,000 miles of the track!
Dagwood wasn’t exactly a successful playboy. For instance, his polo pony would stop and eat grass in the middle of the field during a chukker. And once, when he became lost in his own mansion, he experienced the humiliation of having to join a sightseeing tour to get back to the living room.
All of a sudden, the great depression was upon us. With families facing disaster, farms being foreclosed, tenants being dispossessed, and nothing on the horizon but despair…this comic strip, about a flighty blonde and her boyfriend’s millions, was not so funny any more. The Blondie magic began to evaporate as more and more newspapers dropped the comic strip. Blondie was headed for ignominious doom and extinction.
Then, the miracle! Blondie and Dagwood fell in love. Really in love. More than any comic characters before them. They made plans to get married, at the time a bold departure in comics.
So, in true storybook fashion, love conquered all obstacles. After a tumultous engagement that included a 28 day, 7 hour, 8 minute, 22 second hunger   strike, these two unlikely misfits tied the matrimonial knot in the memorable comic strip wedding scene of February 17, 1933.
Dagwood, of course, was immediately disinherited by his parents for marrying “that gold digger blonde.”When J. Bolling wrote him out of his will, Dagwood and Blondie had to go out into the world and hack it like the rest of us. Settling down to a modest lifestyle with children and a dog, they became concerned with real life…making ends meet, raising a family, eating, and sleeping. And these four same topics are the primary ingredient of the strip to this very day (seventy years later!). Today, Blondie and Dagwood appear together in blissful love and happiness in over 2,300 newspapers all around the world…translated into 35 different languages in 55 countries and read by an estimated 280 million people every day.

A Morning on the Course

Today I played A round of golf at a local course. I must admit it was not my best game but I did have a few stellar holes and I was very pleased with my putting. The company was excellent and we are scheduled to participate in a tournament next week. This is the same tournament that I played in last year as did Luc on of my friends and in which we placed third. Hopefully this year we will do a little better.

Are you fed up with Gas Prices?

The price of gas is just soaring with no end in sight. I am beginning to think that it is time for the government to step in an regulate the price of fuel much in the same way that the state of Hawaii has done. Hawaii sets caps on wholesale gas prices – Automotive – MSNBC.com.

The time has come to Cap the fuel in Ontario. I may be just ranting but I cannot see for the life of me that the cost of gas goes up 25 cents a litre in one day. There is no way that all the fuel in the tanks at the gas stations would automatically go up instantaneously. There should at least be a gradual increase not the slam bam thank you ma’am boost in one shot.

You really cannot tell me that the Gas stations / companies are not making a killing. They are using the fear mongering based on the Hurricane to artificially jack up the price. Other than that the car companies are ready to release their designs on the hybrids… the ones that use hydrogen for fuel and exhaust of water.

I think it is about time for the manufacturers to get those specialised cars on the market.

But getting back to fuel costs. There is a neat way to find out where the best prices are in the province. Check out OntarioGasPrices.com.

Ontario_gasThis site has a neat take on how to find the best prices by using the consumers to report on the cost. You can register on the site for free and then update the price of gas at stations in your neighbourhood.

Given the price of gas now at approximately $1.25/litre it now takes almost $100 to fill my 70 litre tank. I am not sure whether it is worthwhile to even drive any more. I would suspect that many others feel the same way. Doesn’t do much for the economy does it?

Let us all hope that the prices come back into the affordable range.