A great utility to build menus

Here is a great utility to build dynamic HTML menus. I have been using it for some time and have found it very useful. It works well with all browsers and has some specific features for individual ones as well.

Be sure to check it out.

Sothink has a lot of other items that are useful as well.

Sothink DHTMLMenu Builder – DHTML Drop Down Menu, JavaScript DHTML Menu, Pop up Menu, JavaScript Drop Down Menu, Easy and Professional.:

Trying out New things

I have added a plug-in to my Firefox browser that allows for direct posting to the Blogger site. This is the first post that I have done with it. I have been checking out some of the winners plugins and extensions for the application and there are some pretty neat ones. I suggest that if you are a Firefox user that you check these out. You can find them at https://addons.mozilla.org/finalists.php.

I, of course, have to test out all the features of the plugin. So let me try to include a picture here.
Deepest Sender This is a thumb of the Deepest Sender application window. Also in the previous line there is a colour test to see how the font colours work out.

All that is left is to post the blog.

If it works and you can see this, perhaps you should go to the link and try the blog Depest Sender out.

Thanks, Bill