It’s time for an update

More Pictures are updated on the Family Site

As I said on my home page, it has been a while since I last updated the pages. I have since added a considerable number of pictures to the site that can be accessed from the homepage. Just click th elink that is on the side or on the banner at the top of the Blog.

To give you a little description of the directories in the photo album I guess I should start at the first thing that I captured in digital pic. There is a directory called Boat Race Boat Racewhich has a number of pictures of the Cigarette Boat Race that took place on the St Lawrence River this summer. Some of these boats can reach speeds of up to 240 kph, (150 mph) on the water. I don’t know about you but I would not want to hit a rock shoal at that speed. The paint jobs are also something to behold. As you look through the album take a look at the engine pics that produce these speeds.

The Robertsons The Robertsonscame for a visit at the end of August and we managed to head back to Niagara for a little while and spend some time with them. Aside from time with the family we also visited the Welland Canal and Lock Three Museum. There is some really interesting stuff there and the whole gang enjoyed the time. We even happened to be there when there was a ship going through the locks. It was a great visit and after not seeing them for a couple of years, it was great to catch up on things.

Heather competed in her soccer leagues end of season Soccer Tournament. Heathers SoccerI have taken a few pics of the event.

We then went back to Niagara for Thanksgiving at my Brothers place as well as seeing Karin’s Family. Delicious Turkey and Masshed patatos were had by all. As well as some quality time spent with the family. We even managed to visit the Balls Falls Thanksgiving Craft Show. It was neat to see the Stone Mill working and grinding the wheat into flour as well as a number of other steam powered contraptions.

All throughout I took pictures of some Flora and Fauna and of course my favourite subject of pictures…The Budster.Buddy