Another Game…Another Oops!

Hooray! It’s hockey season again. After a year hiatus from the NHL the players are back on the ice with some new rules and a new lease on the game. Some of the old favourites are back and the rookies are performing well as we would expect them to. Not only do I follow the NHLers in there inevitable race for Lord Stanley’s cup but I am playing on a team of not so stellar players. We manage to hold our own but we are certainly not NHL caliber.

Our team had another hockey game tonight and I am beginning to feel like Wayne Gretzky and the Coyotes as we have not done too well so far this season. We chalked up another “L”. In retrospect though we did play much better tonight that we have in the past however we still have yet to capitalize on the mistakes of our opponents.

Again we had plenty of opportunity to kick butt, but did not get the chance to put the puck in the net.

On the brighter side, I found out that I am not doing too badly in the Hockey Pool. I am currently in 4th place but am only 4 points out of first. I guess if a couple of my sleeping players wake up and get some points I will be racing to the top.

SensOf course my Senators are still riding the crest of an incredible winning streak. The only team left to lose a game. But truthfully I do not care whether they win the cup just as long as they trounce those leafs.

What can I say, both my brothers are Leaf fans and although I do not have any real dislike for the team, I am what you would say as an “ABT” fan. “Anybody But Toronto”.No-leafs

What has been happening with Gas Prices?

I find myself wondering again as we all do why the cost of gas has gone through the roof. After last weekend when we went back to visit family and travelling approximately 1000km round trip I filled the tank a couple of times always searching for the best value for our buck.

Politicians do not seem to be doing anything against the price gouging of the Oil companies and even though the hew and cry is continually raised there seems to be no relief in sight. Of course even though our dollar is about 85 cents US we still are paying considerably more per litre than the neighbours to the south.

Pissed OffHere is what I think if the Oil companies and the “do nothing” politicians.Sick of It