Soccer is over until next time

Another Summer of Soccer is done. Heather finished her season with an attempt at scoring a goal. She was so close that she could taste it but alas it was not meant to be. Despite her efforts to break out on a breakaway the ball got a little too far ahead of her and the goalie managed to scoop it up. Her team played three games. We had to get up for a first game for 8:30 a.m. then another at 10:30 and finally another at 12:30.

Fortunately the games were only an hour in duration with two 20–minute halfs and a 10 minute break between the halves. Still it was quite draining on the girls and especially us coaches. I think that the only thing that I can do now is type because after all the yelling to pass, come back, shoot etc… I was so hoarse that I don’t think that can talk all that much for the rest of the day.

I would also like to thank my team the “Teal Titans” as they were a terrific, hard working bunch of girls. I hope that the rest of their summers is enjoyable before they go back to school.Rushnet9

Thanks also goes out to all the parents that have made coaching this year a pleasure. I hope that if I coach next year( and I will likely do so) that the parents are as pleasant to work with as the group this year. As well, coaching partner John who worked especially hard to ensure the girls had the best time and teaching that they could.

Until next soccer season, keep on Kicking. “Teal Titans”

T is for “Titans”

E is for “Excellent”

A is for “Awesome”

L is for “Let’s Go!”

The Final Results

Well in the end my team did wind up in second place, but we did not go down with out a fight.  After thrashing the number one team in their first game on Sunday, we had to play them again immediately after.  It was an exciting game and it took two extra innings to come to the final decision that the other team would call themselves champions till next year and my team finally got to drink our beer.

One more big weekend for Heather and I.  Tomorrow is Heather’s end of the season soccer tournment and then she will get to hang up her soccer shoes again until next year.  Her team has had a mostly winning season so I’m sure they will do well.  Good luck to all the teams.

We will post the final results tomorrow, or as soon as we get around to it.


A Weekend of Baseball

This weekend has been busy playing in our leagues’ end of year tournament. After a crushing defeat in the first game we have managed to triumph through the adversity of three more games to wind up in the finals. Of course the team that we lost to in the first round we have to play again in the finals. This is what is called as taking the low road. The high road has been taken by our opponents who have yet to lose a game but now we have the chance to meet them again on the field of battle and hopefully we will rise to the occaision.

We managed to finish the season as number two and the team that we played this afternoon was the number one team but since they did not bring their “A” game we managed to beat them quite handily.

Tomorrow is the final game but tonight is the banquet…go figure!, anyway Karin and I will attend, drink beer and have a rousing good time nonetheless all with the view that we have to get up in the morning to do battle.

Until tomorrow. Good night

We Survived ! ! !

Heather and I spent a great weekend in Ottawa at the Labatt 24 hour Relay in support of the Ottawa Health Care Foundation. This year the charity was for Mental Health. Labatt 24 hr Relay

There were about 40 teams that participated in the 24–Hour relay and still some more that were there for the 12–Hour relay. On top of that there were a number of other activities. Namely the Spirit competition which our team entered and came in 4th and a Softball tournament. Unfortunately we did not fare too well there.

The weather looked like it was going to dump on us as we arrived there Friday with the rain coming down and no clear skies in sight I was worried that it would be a wet weekend. Alas I was pleasantly surprised to find that the night and the next day were ideal for running.

I have captured a few shots of the Relay that you can check out at the 24-Hour pages that I have set up.Labatt 24 Hr Relay We ran the relay three times throughout the day and participated in the Exposure Ball team and other events. Here is a little snap of the start/finish gate. Heather is already talking about running in next years relay. We hope to rund even more.

Labatt 24-Hour Relay

Today I will be running in the Labatt 24–hr Relay. I will be departing for Ottawa very shortly with my daughter who will be participating with me. It has been a number of years since I was last able to participate so I am looking forward to it. It looks like it will be a blast.

I will post more info on how it went once I get back but below is a little of the event information for you to read up on.


24 Hour Relay Event Information


Bring your colleagues, family and friends to a weekend of fun!

The Labatt 24 Hour Relay Program offers something for everyone.

Whether you sign up for the popular 24 Hour Relay, 12 Hour Relay or 12 Hour Slo-Pitch Tournament, you, your family, friends or colleagues are sure to have fun.

Here’s what past participants have told us:

“Bring a group of employees on Friday night and I guarantee you’ll have a TEAM by Monday morning”

“My children would kill me if we didn’t come back to the relay each year – it’s the one time a year they’re allowed to stay up all night if they want to, and they love camping out in tent city”

“The team loved the 24-hour format; a great time to fraternize and remember younger days and all-nighters”

While not on the track, participants and spectators alike can enjoy a wide variety of activities including live entertainment in the Labatt entertainment tent, demonstrations, massages, children’s area, all-night movies and so much more!

Exciting 2005 Program Options

Enter a team of up to 20 people to participate in the 24 or 12 hour options outlined below.

24 Hour Relay – At your own speed, run, walk, jog or wheelchair around the 3.2 kilometer wooded path behind Minto Field for 24 hours. Your team can set up camp and pitch their tents in Tent City where they can enjoy the full relay experience and catch up on some well deserved rest under the stars. 24 Hour Relay starts at 7pm on Friday night the 12th to Saturday at 7pm. Register now…

New for 2005…

12 hour Relay – The same fun as above without spending the night. Activities start at 7am on Saturday morning the 13th and run through to the closing party at 7pm that evening. Register now…

12-hour Slow-pitch Tournament – Don’t want to run along the track? How about the bases with our 12 Hour Slo-Pitch Tournament (Min. 5 men and 3 women per team). Bring your team together to play three games throughout the day, raise money and make a difference. Register now…

New ChampionChip Tracking System – to easily and accurately monitor your team’s laps and time for fast and accurate relay results

New Opening and Closing Ceremony Events – Start your 24 hours with a bar-b-q celebration beginning at 6pm and the same great all-night activities in the Labatt entertainment tent. The closing celebration begins Saturday evening at 7pm.

A Golden Day

Today was Buddy’s Family reunion. There were a plethora of Goldens on the ferry over to Wolf Island including a couple of young puppies that were only 14 weeks old. They were so cute.

This is a picture of Buddy when he was only 8 weeks old so you get a little idea of what these little guys looked like. Buddyicon

We have a couple of pics of the little guy today and he is somewhat larger than above. One of the neat things is that he got to play in the water with his mother Lizzie and he met one of his brothers, Midas Midas who is almost as good looking as Buddy.  

The Weekend is Here! Yahoo!

Well the weekend is here and time to relax…a little at least. Tomorrow we take our bounding Buddy Buddyiconback to his Breeder’s for a family reunion. If it goes as the last couple of years there will be a conglomeration of Golden Retrievers all in one location. You can check out what previous reunions were like at Pat and Tom’s site. Visit Acacia Gold Kennels.

On another note as you can see by the fact that I am posting again, I managed to get the Firewall sorted out. I have to admit that the way that this version upgraded is nowhere like what it was with other versions. There were troubles with the retention of commands and I had to re-enter them a number of times before they stick. I hope that they correct this soon.


Configuring a Firewall

Configuring a Firewall has been a bit of a nightmare today. I just updated the Firewall on my PC and it has been a bit of a pain. The application defaulted all the accesses to denied and when I tried to reset them it became a bit of a cluster F#$#$% as you may have figured.

Don’t you just love upgrades.


The Soggy Doggy Bloggy

Today it poured outside and I stepped out onto the porch to watch the rain come down. Of course there is nowhere that I can go where Buddy does not want to come. Buddypaint

As I was standing in the shelter of the porch, he of course decides that it is time for him to get a little running in and promptly raced down the stairs to the lawn and start to chase his tail. Considering that it was raining “Cats and Dogs” he of course got soaked, hence the title of todays Blog. The tail of the Soggy Doggy Bloggy. I like the name so much I may just rename this Blog that.

Aside from chasing his tail he decided that, hey since I am already wet and running around on the grass why not run up the stairs and jump on my master. Well that is just what he did…at least for the first circuit of his race up and down the stairs.

Speaking of Dogs. I said that I would get back to a review of the movie that we went to see. “Must Love Dogs”. I like both John Cusak and Diane Lane and have watched many movies starring each of them. I found the movie quite enjoyable despite it being a “Chick Flick”. John Cusak plays Jake Anderson, a divorced rowing scull builder whose buddy responds to an add for (Diane Lane’s character Sarah Nolan by her sister Carol, played by Elizabeth Perkins. Silliness ensues and Cusak is taken by the freshness of Lane’s voluptuousness in the description.

Though neither expect to have a night of passion, the trials and tribulations that are experienced during the hunt for condoms is quite humourous.

As with all movies of this genre they main characters get together and live happily ever after.

What can I say it is a Chick Flick(Click for definition). I can catagorically state this because of all the people in the theater that went to see the film at the same time as Karin and I, there were only 5 guys at the movie and I was one of them.

Next time, an “Arnie Schwartzenager” crash bang smash-em-up movie for me.