Fall Fashion

I took part in a meetup at the Black Rapids locks a couple of days ago and met a lot of interesting people, both photographers and models. The weather was perfect and the day absolutely fabulous with the models being terrific themselves. I managed to capture a number of nice shots. Here are but a few of them.


Shooting at Night

I had the opportunity to practice some night photography this week. I was afforded the opportunity to head downtown to the city center with my camera and a tripod. Given that night falls earlier now it was still relatively early in the evening so there was plenty of subject matter to capture. Here is a shot of the City Hall

City Hall
Shot of the City Hall through the fountain

Of course there are some other things that can be done at night with a slow shutter speed. The next couple of shots were taken at ISO 100 at a 4 second exposure time. It provides a neat effect with the lights forming trails.

Bus trails
Shot of the Lone Start through the light trails of a City Bus
Trails of the Trolley turning the corner