Fall Colours

A visit to the countryside this weekend took me to view the wonderful colours of the season. There is nothing like the reds, oranges, greens, yellows and browns all in natures harmony.

Fall Colours

The weather co-operated extremely well, sunny and warm allowing me to ride comfortably through the countryside. Unfortunately there was just too many places to stop and capture the colours so I had to remain fairly selective on when to stop and pull out the camera. Not normally an easy thing to do riding on an Motorcycle.

The Ride and the Colours
The River

Time for a new Motorcycle

It is time for a new Motorcycle. Not because I wanted a new motorcycle but thanks to an idiot that decided to turn left in front of me my lovely Honda VT1300 was written off. Fortunately I escaped with little injury. Just a few bumps and bruises but the bike was destroyed on the left side. Gearshift and foot boards ripped off, Forks bent, bolts to the frame bent, headlight smashed and the left saddlebag destroyed.

So this left me with a conundrum. What do I get to replace it with. I looked at a number of motorcycles out there including another VT1300 but I wanted something with a little more carrying capacity. So I decided to go Harley-Davidson. Not just Harley-Davidson but I went for the full meal deal. An ULTRA CLASSIC LIMITED EDITION with all the bells and whistles. Here is a shot of the lovely. Such a sweet ride! My better half now calls her my new Mistress. I do after all love to ride her. 🙂

Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Limited Edition.