Alright…alright now back to work.

Well the Christmas holidays are over and it is now time to return to the rat race of school and the office. Welcome to 2006. This year the cost of utilities has already gone up a whopping 17%. So much for those long hot showers. The cost for heat has gone up as has the cost of water. Now if I could only keep the daughter’s showers down to 5 minutes I may be able to afford it. But you know how teenagers are. They take really really long showers.

The new year started out with a bang. The snow hit and again I was called to clear the driveway. The wife has come down with the first winter cold that she has had in a year and I hope that it does not attack me. She has had it now for 4 days and I have been spared the symptoms. Knock on wood I will escape the dread of winter.