Vacation is over back to the Grindstone!

Well another Summer vacation is over and I had to start back at work after being off for two weeks. Some of the time we spent on the beach and camping and the rest was spent doing some things around the house. As usual though the camping ended with rain. The last night we were at the campground it rained cats and dogs, however the rest of the time there was fantastic.

It all started with a Buskers festival in Kingston. We managed to take in a couple of the street performers and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. The kids did as well. Who knows they may become acrobats, yo-yo champions as well. There are some pics available on the site as well. Be sure to check them out. Kingston Busker Festival.

We spent the majority of our time on the beach and the little fella (Soggy Doggy) really enjoyed the beach. It was great as they had a portion of the beach that was cordoned off for the dogs. It was really funny watching him bounce through the waves expecting to be swimming almost as soon as he hit the water, however he was able to touch for some time due to the sand bars. Buddy in the WaterHe tried to run but of course the water was just a little too deep to fully get up to speed, however he did certainly work up an appetite racing around. As well there were other dogs there and he made lots of friends, both canine and human. Not to mention a couple of other Golden Retrievers as well. There are more pictures of the beach and the dogs available at the home page. Dogs on the beach.

It was also Karin’s and my Anniversary this past week and we decided to take a little cruise around the Thousand Islands. I have posted a couple of the pictures on the site as well. The Thousand Islands Dinner Boat Cruise.

Vacation ended with a Baseball tournament with my team. The only problem after a season where we were finishing at the top of the standings, we choked in the playoffs and went down two straight. My only consolation is that I was able to contribute to the runs in the first game although I could not seem to get anything going in the second game. This was a far cry from my 800 plus batting record for the season. Oh well! better lick next year.

 Until next time.