Dinner and a Movie

Today was a special day. I treated my special girl to a day at the spa followed by dinner and a movie. I had to suffer through a chick-flick but since my sweetie was there it was okay. I will write a bit of a review of it tomorrow.

Amaryllis (Trans)Just a litte bouquet of flowers for my sweetie. Time to go and sign off for the night as all I was doing was shutting down this infernal contraption and joining her.


Waterlogged and Tired Out

The adventure to the water slide was wet and tiring. Between the slide, the pool, the sauna, the hot tub and the water park we thoroughly got soaked and totally exhausted.

Buddy and I went for a little stroll around the neighbourhood this morning and as he usually does meets all kinds of interesting people and critters. We attribute much of Buddy’s mannerisms to those like Louie in Overboard. He has this fixation on squirrels and today was like any other day was one where he tried to capture the furry little creature practically pulling my arm out of its’ socket.

Hopefully tomorrow will be different.

Until then. Ciau!

A New day and another adventure

Heather has managed to convince me that we should go to a water park for the afternoon. So I have given in…but truthfully I want to go myself.

This morning I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Don’t worry I will not spoil it for anyone but will say that it was and interesting read. Now Karin and I can speculate what will happen in the next adventure of Mr. Potter.