The Weekends in K-town

Things have been rockin’ around here. In the past couple of weeks, we have Frontenacsgone to see the Kingston Frontenacs play in a game against the Peterborough Petes and although it looked like the Fronts were going to lose, they came from behind and managed to pull one out of the fire. After being down 3–0 in the start of the 3rd period, they rallied back to tie the game at 3–3 with just 4 minutes left on the clock. Go-Fronts-Go.

That was last weekend. This weekend Heather and I visted the Golf Sale and found that although I liked the clubs that were there for sale, I still could not afford the ones that I wanted. Well I could afford them, it is just that I would likely get killed by Karin if I ever spent that much on a club. But hey, come on it was only $659.00 (on sale).

FebfestAfter the sale we headed downtown to check out FebFest. Again we were treated to some hockey. Some of the old NHL stars came out to play and we managed to see the game with Wendall Clark from the Leafs.  The game was pretty enjoyable with the Red team losing to the Blue team 3–0. After the game we wandered around the town for a while and checked out the worlds largest Snow Globe. Even got a picture of Heather in front of it. We also checke out the sculptures made by the students of Queens and RMC. There was the Arch and a castle that you could climb up in and look around. Snow Globe

We finished off the day with a hot chocolate and a Beavertail. If there is anything that Heather loves more than Chocolate and Cinnamon I have yet to find it.

Until next time.