Hi, my name is Bill Gorham and I consider myself a serious hobbyist photographer living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been into photography for a number of years, shooting mostly landscapes, artistic photography, sporting events, family and travel. All of which I still do.  I shoot both film and digital, but now prefer to use digital due the flexibility it offers.

I consider this as a serious hobby as I only do this is part time, but I am available most evenings and weekends to practice the craft. I travel from time to time on business and always take a camera with me, so the easiest way to see if I am in your neighbourhood is look at the Calendar link on my website. I try to keep this information updated as much as possible to indicate whether I am traveling or remaining in town. Drop me a message if you would like to arrange a shoot.

I have also taken a number of photographic and Photoshop courses so I can edit, to a certain degree, the pictures I take and can produce a quality image for portfolio or print. I love shooting different things and am up to just about any challenge. I am always looking for models who are looking to expand their portfolios and help me in expanding mine.

If you are a model and would like some shots taken. I am available to TFP/TFCD work. Just drop me a line with your ideas and I will try to accommodate them. I have a number of ideas that I would like to try and am n search of some adventurous spirits to assist me.

I am willing to travel within reason and frequently do so to various cities throughout Ontario and the world. Check my calendar to see if I am in your area. I try to post where I will be for longer periods as they come up.

I am available to photograph any number of events. Just contact me through the inquiry form or drop me an email at “WBG Photography GMAIL ” or at “WBGPhotography.com “.



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