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I as well as photography like to create graphics using a number of programs. These include Xara Designer Pro X Design software by Xara,

Inkscape , Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and a number of others. Many times I will start with a photograph that I have taken and turn the picture into a Vector drawing. Sometimes I will take other photos that I like and create vectors from them. A good number of them can be found at WBG Photography & Graphics – Home.

Each of these programs come with different strengths and weaknesses. I switch back and forth from time to time. Both Xara Designer Pro and Inkscape are capable of rendering raster images(PNG, JPG, etc) they are in fact native vector programs saving in EPS, SVG etc, while Sketchbook Pro is solely a Raster image program.

Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Cuthbert Drawn in Xara.
Candi and my Bike
Candi and my Bike Drawn in Inkscape
Audrey Hipturn Drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Android

Pinups, Pinups and more Pinups

I participated in two separate shoots recently and had the opportunity to shoot with some very talented ladies as well as photographers. The result for me was some fantastic shots in the pinup genre. Really my first foray into the genre and the experience was great.  Models that I had the pleasure of shooting with were: Audrey Hipturn,

Audrey Kitten on Stage SM AudreyHSittingSm

Gypsy Jones.


Rhapsody Blue

WBG_4702a WBG_4714a

Justine RB


All in all I had a great time working with these ladies and collaborated to make some great shots.