Golfing South of the Border

Well another spring trip has been taken to sunny Virginia. And fortunately this year the weather cooperated. We had a little rain on the trip down but once we arrived in McGaheyville the sun was shining and managed to stay that way the whole time that we were down there.

The weather was great but I cannot say the same for my golf. It seems that I have forgotten all that I learned last year and had to begin all again. It started out pretty bad with breaking a hundred on the wrong side of the marker the first day. Fortunately the next day was not as bad but for the rest of the week all I can say is that I had fun away from the office. The Golfing Gang

I also managed to, as I seem to do every year when I head south, is pick up a club or two. Well this time I picked up an entire set of irons. Unfortunately I did not get them until the last day of golf there but I did have the best round of the week with the new clubs. I just hope that it continues.

Of course upon return home I was forced to head out to the links again by participating in a little office golf. Fortunately my winning streak continued as I played a short game of best ball and my team managed to kick some but, thanks in part to some solid iron work.

To check out some of the pictures that I managed to capture while in Va check out the link below.

Until next time.

Golfing in Virginia 2006: