My new Camera

I will put some stuff here that I do not have on the Main Gorham Family page.

If you have read the homepage, you will have seen that I got a new camera. Well here is a little more about it. It is the Nikon D80 Digital SLR. My first one so far. I wanted a camera that I could grow with as I am getting more and more into photography as a hobby. I also got a reasonable sized lens with it. It is a 18-200mm Vibration Reduction lens capable of automatic focusing. I guess this ties in well with my Web programming.

I have since taken on another website. This one belongs to the Breeder of my Golden Retriever Buddy. You can check out the site at This makes a total of 5 sites now.

Hey who knows I could acutally have something to do when I retire. Not that that is anywhere in the cards yet. But hey you never know. I could win the big lottery. 🙂

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