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Playing in Photoshop again

I just upgraded to Photoshop CC and decided to pull up some older photos to see what I could do with them. I also found a couple of free Photoshop Actions (www.panosfx.com) that provided some really interesting effects. These photos were done using some of those actions.




A visit to the Island

Last weekend the family and I made a visit to see the latest litter on the Island. Despite the reduced size of the ferry shuttling us to and from the island due to the Wolfe Islander III undergoing refit until the end of June we made it to the breeders place to see the puppies. All ten of them look fantastic and they are now active and full of vim and vigor.

Ooh! looks like someone ate a lemon.
Ooh! looks like someone ate a lemon.
Flash & Higgins Pups
All 10 trying to get out.
Flash & Higgins Pups
Six in a Row.
Hello World!, Pleased to meet you.
Hello World!, Pleased to meet you.

So these little gals(8) and guys (2) were a blast to play with. I plan to go back and visit again before they go off to their forever homes.

A visit to Acaciagold Kennels

Off to see more of the Goldens of Acaciagold Kennels.

This weekend I am off to see the puppies at Acaciagold Kennels. Pat and Tom have two lovely litters and they are now 5 and 3 weeks respectively. On return to the house I will be uploading some of the pictures from the visit. I have already visited there recently and have taken a number of shots already. You can see these at my Flickr Account. This will take you right to the Goldens pages.

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Updating again

The summer is over and again I find myself comfortably sitting in front of the computer. Much has happened since I last posted on Blogger so I will try to sum up some of the important things that have happened.

Well Buddy had his family reunion this August over at Acaciagold Kennels. A great time was had by all. Especially Buddy. Like, come on, how can he not have a good time. Playing with all his relatives in the water, taking a ferry boat ride and walking down to the Kennel. Not to mention all the food that was there for him to glomb on to. We have been back a couple of times too. Pat and Tom have another litter of pups and Heather and I went to visit them. We even snapped a few picture of them. You can see them by clicking on the following link at Flickr Evies Pups.