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Christmas Shoot Number two

The second of my shoots for the festive season involved four other ladies. I have had the pleasure to shoot with most of these ladies before and it certainly was a pleasure to renew the friendships that we have established over the past.

The first of the ladies is Emily. We have shot together a number of times and everytime I do she never ceases to amaze.

Karo was one of the new models that I shot with and as you can see she is a natural. I got many terrific shots of her and look forward to shooting with the again.

Kristina was another of the models that I have shot with before. She as you can see is obviously very photogenic. You cannot seam to take a bad shot of her.

Kim has shot with me a couple of times before as well. She is always a pleasure to shoot with. Totally inĀ  the spirit of the season she lights up the set better than any of the lights.

This was an awesome shoot with these ladies and throughout the coming year I hope to shoot with them all again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Lights

With the Christmas Season upon us there is a plethora of houses lit with multi hued glittering incandescence. On my travels I managed to come across a few of these houses covered in light with such beauty that I had to capture the image for posterity. Here are just a few.

Welcome to a New Year

The calendar has made the turn and we enter into 2015 with the snow falling and the wind blowing. Having passed a very nice Christmas with the family we now get ready to head back to work. However some shots were taken over the holidays. Below are some shots taken at a Christmas Fun Shoot.


You can always see more of these at http://wbgphotography.net