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Canada 150 Celebrations

Canada 150 Celebrations took place in Kingston at the Garrison Fun Fest. In attendance was the premiere parachute team the Skyhawks.Skyhawks2Skyhawks1

Also entertaining the crowds was the Snowbirds and the Canada 150 F-18


Be sure to check out more of the photos of the Snowbirds, Skyhawks and the Canada 150 F-18 pictures on my Flickr site.

Lighting Techiques

I recently attended a workshop on lighting where we worked on a number of techniques to bring out the pictures to their max. Commencing with a simple one light setup we began with the use of a beauty dish above the model and a reflector below. This provided us with catch-lights in our model’s eyes in two places (upper and lower eye). A sample is here with our Model Katlyn.

Katlyn – Clamshell (Beauty Dish and Reflector) Upper and Lower

The Second setup was similar but we used two Soft Boxes in an horizontal layout. Here the catch-light appeared in two places again however the angle was horizontal this time.


Next we tried some shots with back-lighting. This was done with a strobe and a blue gel cover to give a blue colour to the image.


Here is a sample of an image created this way with our model Katlyn.

Blue Back light on blue hair light image.

Be sure to check out the other shots of Katlyn on my Flickr Site.

My new Camera

I will put some stuff here that I do not have on the Main Gorham Family page.

If you have read the homepage, you will have seen that I got a new camera. Well here is a little more about it. It is the Nikon D80 Digital SLR. My first one so far. I wanted a camera that I could grow with as I am getting more and more into photography as a hobby. I also got a reasonable sized lens with it. It is a 18-200mm Vibration Reduction lens capable of automatic focusing. I guess this ties in well with my Web programming.

I have since taken on another website. This one belongs to the Breeder of my Golden Retriever Buddy. You can check out the site at http://www.acaciagold.com. This makes a total of 5 sites now.

Hey who knows I could acutally have something to do when I retire. Not that that is anywhere in the cards yet. But hey you never know. I could win the big lottery. 🙂

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