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Danica – Beautiful Devil

Conducted another wonderful photoshoot with a new model. Although not overly familiar with fashion modelling she is very adept at COSPLAY. This allowed her to excel as a model in both fashion and COSPLAY. I have a number of shots below of her in the various outfits. Suffice it to say she is a natural.

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Kickstart with Nat

I was able to shoot with a lovely lady recently. She proved to be a very pleasant person to work with, professional and a natural talent despite her experience in modeling. She will no doubt have a great future ahead of her in the industry.

Portraiture Course

I am taking a portraiture course at St Lawrence college with a couple of students that have been on other courses with me. Sharon, Scott et al are enjoying the course and getting some interesting shots. Our instructor Mara brought in 3 models to help out with the focus of lighting in a natural setting.

Amanda portrait

I look forward to the rest of the course. Be sure to check back to see what comes next.