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Motion and Flow

Recently I took part in a photo session with a lovely model named Karolina. In this shoot we played with fabrics and motion as well as a portion of the shoot where she got down and dirty in playing with flour. The effects under both portions of the shoot were spectacular, but I will let you decide for yourself.

Orange Butterfly
Orange Butterfly
Blue Dream
Blue dream
Angel wings
Angel Wings
Tossing Colours
Tossing Colours

She went on to do the flour shoot and some of those effects were amazing. See for yourself.

Reverse ClapTwirlExplosionClapping AboveAngel Wings

Danica – Beautiful Devil

Conducted another wonderful photoshoot with a new model. Although not overly familiar with fashion modelling she is very adept at COSPLAY. This allowed her to excel as a model in both fashion and COSPLAY. I have a number of shots below of her in the various outfits. Suffice it to say she is a natural.

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Photoshoots and Photoshoots

I have been busy this last week with photo shoots. Three in the last week alone. Well this is what it is like to be on vacation. I can pursue my hobbies with an added level of fervor. The first one was done on Tuesday of last week with a lovely lady named Bianca. She was such a pleasure to work with and I managed to capture her beauty spectacularly.


The second shoot was a part of a portrait session that I took part in on Friday morning. This one involved another lovely lady that wanted to get some portraits done in a fitness theme. The lovely Krystel Belle was a superb young lady to work with.


The week finished with a theme shoot with the Girls of Gotham City. Catwoman (Poi), Harley Quinn (Kali), and Poison Ivy (Kelly). Complete with costume and props the ladies were fantastic.

Pinups, Pinups and more Pinups

I participated in two separate shoots recently and had the opportunity to shoot with some very talented ladies as well as photographers. The result for me was some fantastic shots in the pinup genre. Really my first foray into the genre and the experience was great.  Models that I had the pleasure of shooting with were: Audrey Hipturn,

Audrey Kitten on Stage SM AudreyHSittingSm

Gypsy Jones.


Rhapsody Blue

WBG_4702a WBG_4714a

Justine RB


All in all I had a great time working with these ladies and collaborated to make some great shots.

Welcome to a New Year

The calendar has made the turn and we enter into 2015 with the snow falling and the wind blowing. Having passed a very nice Christmas with the family we now get ready to head back to work. However some shots were taken over the holidays. Below are some shots taken at a Christmas Fun Shoot.


You can always see more of these at