The Cold of Winter and what’s been going on

We have experienced a little bit of a cold snap lately where the temperatures drop below -10ºC but that does not deter us from getting out and taking part in a winter tradition…skating. This past week we experienced a visit from Elvis Stojko, Gladys Orozco-Stojko and Paige Lawrence to kick of the National Figure Skating week.

Paige Lawrence, Gladys Orozco-Stojko and Elvis Stojko

I also took a little walk downtown to take in the winter sites. Well despite the -22ºC temperatures I got a nice shot of the Sir John A train in Confederation Basin.

Spirit of Sir John A

It was also a week of celebration of the birth of Robbie Burns and what better way to celebrate than to eat some haggis and drink some Scotch.

The Whiskies
Address to the Haggis

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