3 thoughts on “The test of the new Blogging Tool by Windows”

  1. We are doing interviews right now to get our first Golden. I have appts with Ambertru, Arcane and Acaciagold which is nearer to us.

    What has been your experience with Acaciagold? Dogs healthy and long lived? Hip Dysplasia? Would you recommend this breeder. Arcane and Ambertru are both very well respected but, I can find little info on Acaciagold beyond a few K9 data entries though there aren't very many. Looks like her foundation was Amberview? I thought it was called “Ambervu” so having something listed as “Amberview” is a little confusing.

    My husband is leaning more Acaciagold as we live so much closer to that breeder. I have a lot of questions though.


  2. You can find out more about Acaciagold on their website http://www.acaciagold.com. Pats dogs are fantastic. I have two of them and would recommend her to anyone. The dogs are bred for temperament and are of fantastic quality, my oldest is 10 y.o. and he has no issues with hips. She also guarantees the dogs to be healthy for a couple of years.


  3. Thank you so much. We were out last night to visit with Pat and she and Tom were just fantastic. Her dogs are all gorgeous. So now we just anxiously await our new family member. 🙂


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