An update of goings on

I have been so busy lately that I have been remiss in updating the Blog. Well hopefully that changes today and I can add a little more of what has been happening with the family.

A couple of weeks ago there was a little race along the St Lawrence, a race involving some of the fastest boats on the water. The Annual Kingston Poker run was held with fine weather and smooth sailing. I have managed to capture a few shots of the speedy watercraft whose speeds could reach in excess of 225kph(140mph). I guess with a couple of engines pumping out 450 horsepower each it should have no problem.

Last week we spent some time down in Niagara visiting the family and Karin’s sister and family were visiting from Nova Scotia. After not seeing them for two years is was sure a surprise to see how the neice and nephews had grown. We also took the opportunity to visit a number of the Niagara wineries while we were there and brought back a fine selection of vintages. Of course we have not had the chance to sample them yet, but rest assured they will be enjoyed…oh yes they will be enjoyed.

This past weekend Heather took part in her end of season Soccer Tournament. She is one tired little girl and is now taking a well deserved rest. So another season is over and soon the bells of the School halls will be ringing. Oh! the most wonderful time of the year.

Until next time.


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