“Welcome to Kingston and get stuck in traffic”

“Welcome to Kingston and get stuck in traffic”. That is what any poster for the city should say. With the construction of the LVEC in the downtown location is like trying to get into a room where the door does not open.

Who in their right minds would ever consider putting the LVEC in the area in front of Fort Frontenac? Like come on, any stupid schmuck with half a brain would know that this would create a bottleneck in the traffic patterns for people living on either side of the Causeway. It makes absolutely no sense to build this thing where they are. Did they even consider the ramifications of what the traffic patterns or are they only listening to the business owners downtown so they could get richer?

I am sure that there are other areas in the city that also need revitalization. Like maybe the area around where the current home of the Frontenacs, the Memorial Centre and of course there is room there already for the traffic to get in and out. Now I am not saying that there has been some collusion going on. Far be it from me to indicate that any thing is wrong in municipal politics, but how could these people afford to run their campaigns without the political sponsorship from the businesses. These same business owners lobbying the politicians to put the LVEC in an area where they can get rich while the rest of the city pays for it.

Here of course is their city announcement which indicates the beginning of traffic problems

While Utilities Kingston upgrades the underground infrastructure in the vicinity of the future Kingston Regional Sports & Entertainment Centre, the following streets will be closed:

  • Barrack Street — between Wellington Street and Ontario Street — from Monday, June 19, until end of June.
  • King Street — between Queen Street and Barrack Street — from Monday, June 19, until the end of June.
  • Place d’Armes, for one week beginning Monday, June 19.

Naturally these are the exact streets that I have to travel to get to work. There is nothing like waiting in traffic for 25 minutes to go three blocks. Whoopeee!

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