Some great shots of the Budster

I have been taking some shots of my Golden Retriever to see if I can improve on my camera picture taking skills. My old camera died on me and I have been trying out a Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 Sony DSC-F828camera that I borrowed from work to see if it is the kind of camera that I want to get for myself. I find that it is always difficult to get that perfect shot. One of the nice things about using a digital camera is that you can keep only the pictures that you want.

Buddy with his maceWell I did just that and then I did a little work on it with Paintshop Pro. Here are the results. Just click on the picture to see a bigger image of him. I think that this is a priceless picture and I plan to upload this to the site and display in on his page.

I added a picture frame and captioned it. This is not the only picture of him that I took today but it is one of the nicer ones. My maceAs well I will be building a screen saver for him, one that is dedicated to the little guy that lies at my feet even now as I type.

The Second shot I think is better than the first. It really shows off the colours in his stuffy and contrasts greatly with his golden coat. I plan to practice some more shots in the future once I get a little more familiar with the camera.

2 thoughts on “Some great shots of the Budster”

  1. Agreed! Your dog is beauuuutiful!It seems the Sony gives great pictures…and your color is nice and vibrant. I’m new to shooting too. I’m trying my hand with the Nikon D50 and it seems to be doing alright also. Isn’t shooting digital great???Aisha Gorham


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