Winter has finally come

The Christmas Parade took place last weekend and I took the family down to the event. Even the little Fella. He enjoys the travel in the car and the walk amongst the people. He is sure to get plenty of attention as he is such a cute pup. The night was beautiful. About 5 degrees and clear, which allowed a good turnout. I think that the best part of the parade for Buddy was the Radio Controlled cars. As they came racing down the street he wanted to get a closer look and ventured out on the street much to the pleasure of the assembled crowd.

I think that I will have to ask for one of these cars…just to give him a little joy of the chase.

After a very mild start to November and a beautiful couple of weeks winter has finally come. The snow has hit the ground and the yard is now buried under 13cm(5 in) of snow. I spent part of the morning clearing away the driveway and as soon as it was clear, I had to start all over again. Eventually the snow let up but not until my back was sore and shirt was all sweaty.

I took the little fella out with me while shoveling and even though he is cute in the snow, it does make it a bit difficult trying to scoop the stuff off the driveway when all he wants is to jump in front of the snow being thrown.

He seems right at home in the snow but he has a problem when his paws tend to have the snow stick in the pads and form small ice balls. Then he has to lay down, tries to remove the things with his mouth which makes his paws wetter causing his paws to pick up more snow. 

The house then has little ice pellets all over the place as they free themselves from the fur on his paws.

MaruskaI would also like to mention that today is the birthday of a good friend of mine. I would just like to wish her all the best today. Happy Birthday Maruska.

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