Are you fed up with Gas Prices?

The price of gas is just soaring with no end in sight. I am beginning to think that it is time for the government to step in an regulate the price of fuel much in the same way that the state of Hawaii has done. Hawaii sets caps on wholesale gas prices – Automotive –

The time has come to Cap the fuel in Ontario. I may be just ranting but I cannot see for the life of me that the cost of gas goes up 25 cents a litre in one day. There is no way that all the fuel in the tanks at the gas stations would automatically go up instantaneously. There should at least be a gradual increase not the slam bam thank you ma’am boost in one shot.

You really cannot tell me that the Gas stations / companies are not making a killing. They are using the fear mongering based on the Hurricane to artificially jack up the price. Other than that the car companies are ready to release their designs on the hybrids… the ones that use hydrogen for fuel and exhaust of water.

I think it is about time for the manufacturers to get those specialised cars on the market.

But getting back to fuel costs. There is a neat way to find out where the best prices are in the province. Check out

Ontario_gasThis site has a neat take on how to find the best prices by using the consumers to report on the cost. You can register on the site for free and then update the price of gas at stations in your neighbourhood.

Given the price of gas now at approximately $1.25/litre it now takes almost $100 to fill my 70 litre tank. I am not sure whether it is worthwhile to even drive any more. I would suspect that many others feel the same way. Doesn’t do much for the economy does it?

Let us all hope that the prices come back into the affordable range.

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