Soccer is over until next time

Another Summer of Soccer is done. Heather finished her season with an attempt at scoring a goal. She was so close that she could taste it but alas it was not meant to be. Despite her efforts to break out on a breakaway the ball got a little too far ahead of her and the goalie managed to scoop it up. Her team played three games. We had to get up for a first game for 8:30 a.m. then another at 10:30 and finally another at 12:30.

Fortunately the games were only an hour in duration with two 20–minute halfs and a 10 minute break between the halves. Still it was quite draining on the girls and especially us coaches. I think that the only thing that I can do now is type because after all the yelling to pass, come back, shoot etc… I was so hoarse that I don’t think that can talk all that much for the rest of the day.

I would also like to thank my team the “Teal Titans” as they were a terrific, hard working bunch of girls. I hope that the rest of their summers is enjoyable before they go back to school.Rushnet9

Thanks also goes out to all the parents that have made coaching this year a pleasure. I hope that if I coach next year( and I will likely do so) that the parents are as pleasant to work with as the group this year. As well, coaching partner John who worked especially hard to ensure the girls had the best time and teaching that they could.

Until next soccer season, keep on Kicking. “Teal Titans”

T is for “Titans”

E is for “Excellent”

A is for “Awesome”

L is for “Let’s Go!”

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