A Weekend of Baseball

This weekend has been busy playing in our leagues’ end of year tournament. After a crushing defeat in the first game we have managed to triumph through the adversity of three more games to wind up in the finals. Of course the team that we lost to in the first round we have to play again in the finals. This is what is called as taking the low road. The high road has been taken by our opponents who have yet to lose a game but now we have the chance to meet them again on the field of battle and hopefully we will rise to the occaision.

We managed to finish the season as number two and the team that we played this afternoon was the number one team but since they did not bring their “A” game we managed to beat them quite handily.

Tomorrow is the final game but tonight is the banquet…go figure!, anyway Karin and I will attend, drink beer and have a rousing good time nonetheless all with the view that we have to get up in the morning to do battle.

Until tomorrow. Good night

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