We Survived ! ! !

Heather and I spent a great weekend in Ottawa at the Labatt 24 hour Relay in support of the Ottawa Health Care Foundation. This year the charity was for Mental Health. Labatt 24 hr Relay

There were about 40 teams that participated in the 24–Hour relay and still some more that were there for the 12–Hour relay. On top of that there were a number of other activities. Namely the Spirit competition which our team entered and came in 4th and a Softball tournament. Unfortunately we did not fare too well there.

The weather looked like it was going to dump on us as we arrived there Friday with the rain coming down and no clear skies in sight I was worried that it would be a wet weekend. Alas I was pleasantly surprised to find that the night and the next day were ideal for running.

I have captured a few shots of the Relay that you can check out at the 24-Hour pages that I have set up.Labatt 24 Hr Relay We ran the relay three times throughout the day and participated in the Exposure Ball team and other events. Here is a little snap of the start/finish gate. Heather is already talking about running in next years relay. We hope to rund even more.

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