The Soggy Doggy Bloggy

Today it poured outside and I stepped out onto the porch to watch the rain come down. Of course there is nowhere that I can go where Buddy does not want to come. Buddypaint

As I was standing in the shelter of the porch, he of course decides that it is time for him to get a little running in and promptly raced down the stairs to the lawn and start to chase his tail. Considering that it was raining “Cats and Dogs” he of course got soaked, hence the title of todays Blog. The tail of the Soggy Doggy Bloggy. I like the name so much I may just rename this Blog that.

Aside from chasing his tail he decided that, hey since I am already wet and running around on the grass why not run up the stairs and jump on my master. Well that is just what he did…at least for the first circuit of his race up and down the stairs.

Speaking of Dogs. I said that I would get back to a review of the movie that we went to see. “Must Love Dogs”. I like both John Cusak and Diane Lane and have watched many movies starring each of them. I found the movie quite enjoyable despite it being a “Chick Flick”. John Cusak plays Jake Anderson, a divorced rowing scull builder whose buddy responds to an add for (Diane Lane’s character Sarah Nolan by her sister Carol, played by Elizabeth Perkins. Silliness ensues and Cusak is taken by the freshness of Lane’s voluptuousness in the description.

Though neither expect to have a night of passion, the trials and tribulations that are experienced during the hunt for condoms is quite humourous.

As with all movies of this genre they main characters get together and live happily ever after.

What can I say it is a Chick Flick(Click for definition). I can catagorically state this because of all the people in the theater that went to see the film at the same time as Karin and I, there were only 5 guys at the movie and I was one of them.

Next time, an “Arnie Schwartzenager” crash bang smash-em-up movie for me.

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